Скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Credit for the original HUD goes to him! Follow me on Twitter for mod updates and upcoming features. Tihyo If you enjoy the mod subscribe to my YouTube channel!

SuperHeroes Unlimited Mod 1.7.10 Download Links:

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You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Curse Help Register Sign In. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Mkd Have you every faced a Creeper and blown up?

скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

Or even have needed a quick escape from a battle? Well with the Superheroes Unlimited Mod, now you can! You are born to be a hero so suit up, the journey is just beginning.

скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

Changelogs are on the Superheroes Unlimited Mod Website. Wanna play with friends?

скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

Support the mod by copying and pasting this link into your signature! Download the Superheroes Unlimited. Download the latest version of Forge. Drag and drop the Superheroes Unlimited.

Superheroes Unlimited Mod V4.3.2: Update 7 (House Party Protocol and JARVIS Tutorial)

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I just updated the download It was the wrong file at first Ill download when i see pics XP. I downloaded the mod, installed it and saw some things can trustI saw a bug, when you take the armor continues with the powers of flash. That is suppose to happen, like once you become Flash to stay Flash untill you die even without the suit. The suit lets you become a character. This does not apply to Martian Manhunter and Batman I have some suggestions noclip for martian man hunter this means going through things also lots slower flying, add strength to heroes to make them seem strong enough to attack mobs with strength of iron or diamond swords.

Last edited by lynkie: Nothing was different from скаяать Minecraft superhrroes the added jar files. Yeah I just posted Installation instruction on the forum if you still have trouble. Is says error when i click on the dropbox link? I agree that superjeroes may become OP but it is supposed to be you are a super superhsroes so it is good to have it op.

[WIP] [1.7.10] Superheroes Unlimited Mod - v5.0 (Alpha 4.2)

Superheroes Unlimited mod v1. There are new heroes, a lot of bug fixes, and some new items coming soon!

скачать мод superheroes unlimited mod v5 0

What heroes were added? As of the moment I added Wolverine and a whole bunch of items and some ores.


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