Скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

Create Account or Sign In. Download Mod Feature on my profile page. Master Modder Subscribe To lower yourself on the ledge hold Climb Down Key.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

Pizzadestroyer2 Level 1 New Explorer February 8,4: Its fun, easy, and very useful. Its really fun and you did a great job on it. Ungarr Level 11 Journeyman Ranger September 22, Mark Level 1 New Network August 20, Jamitriss Level 27 Expert Wolf August 18,1: I love how simple it is. Avixey Level 24 Expert Dolphin August 15,2: Yotsuhirasaka Level 8 Apprentice Explorer August 14,9: Your begginings are the same lolz: Yotsuhirasaka Level 8 Apprentice Explorer August 14,2: Also thanks for what you said.

D jk, I am one, I dont use multiple account as it is not allowed: Smart moving might be legendary, but it is complicated usually when you have to jump front, you dive. No diamond for you! My mod is more simple and utility relatet to make moving in the world easier for players. Originaly i created it for myself, but then decided to post it so others can use it. But anyone has their own opinion and i respect that. Everything this mod adds, the smart moving mod has pretty much always had.

In the mean time, smart moving also has more. Many times, i have escaped from creapers at the last second by climbing up one of the fences sticking off the side of my house. I just feel that this mod has been created and beaten in quality within the first day of it life. Your mod may be good to others, and granted it is a good concept, but it has already been done.

The one thing i will say that is much better than smart moving is that the lack of animated player motions allows it to be compatible with a much larger number of mods. Anyone has their own opinion. If some people enjoy this mod than why shouldnt it exists. At least they have some options to choose from.

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Anyway this mod is 3 months old, but i lust downgraded it to 1. As opposed to what can can only assume is a squeaker who is trying to sound mature down in one of the lower comments by insulting me for pointing something out. Smart moving is already kind of legendary and much more popular. P It could be better with animations. Smart Moving really just added some cool animations this added free running. Yuuki-sama Level 4 Apprentice Network August 13, Yuuki-sama Level 4 Apprentice Network August 13,9: And if I looked into this mod and other similar ones, would I find similarities in the code?

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

Eclipse нм just more comfortable. I wrote whole code скаать scratch. Also never saw smart moving code but in both you would see minor similarities as using event handlers as the скочать of only few methodes to apply action on tick. Also some things like setting Y motion to send you upwards.

Anyway if you would try this mod you would know it "feels different". I say what I say for the better of the community and getting quality content and not having the frustration of seeing knock-off after knock-offs of mods and programs. Also i feel kind of uncomfortable when some мощы is looking into my code ;p but if this will convince you than go ahead.

Btw i fully understand you hating knock-offs. Once someone downloaded my mod and rebranded it as their own on anorther site. I have no intentions of doing anything with it. Now off to bed for me! I love keeping my mods compatible Copyrights and all that crap. Even minecraft has a copyright policy for modders.

Technically, if you look at this mod and then compare it to smart moving, then it violates that.

More Mods by Shadow38PL

As for moving towards a 77 future And I did never call you a mate, delete your damn comment as I am not even talking to you.

No need to be hostile and resort to profanity and insults. It all comes out the other end, anyways. Keep your own thoughts consistent. I never скачарь that you said that no idea is original. I was saying that there are rules put in place by the people we put in power to moderate these ideas.

Proper use would be to say that I am пакрурand not to call man an immature. I never acted immature to begin with. The deity part is still open, though. Where in my above comment скачарь i criticize the mod?

Oh, "nowhere" you say? You must be really new to the internet. Honestly, what are we teaching preteens these days? I will not delete my comment as it has just as much, if not more, of a right to be here as your above one does.

You might not have been talking to me, true. But i was talking to you. A collage student is a kid There is a difference betweem handling stupidity and truth, in your case, it is idiocy.

Oh and arse means ass, which your face is. Overall, I would say back off, you are contaminating the community Take a chill майнкарфт kid Now any reply from you will be ignored, no matter how smart it is, because I know copying stuff from pop culture and internet, pasting it here wont make you look cool.

What can I say?

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

People like you are who contaminate the community. Two of them were being displayed by you.

Обзор модов Minecraft [#40] - ПАРКУР В МАЙНКРАФТ (Parkour in Minecraft)

The other one was displayed by me. There are words used to describe people like you: Haters, squeakers, drug addicts to name a few. Also, i did not appologize to the modder. I was simply being polite in my way of speaking. Скччать is something you obviously lack. The internet is very tiring sometimes. P some drinks would suffice.


Root beer or Mountain dew? Looking at this mod, it is not a very inovative Idea, inspired from smart moving. So yes, you can blame it. But if we see the other way, we have very few mods out there for parkour. This mod was just simple, so many people enjoyed it as smart moving is complex. Like we have Flans for guns, we have many other mods like battlefield, SDM, and steffinus guns mod, so we cannot call them copied, I was just saying that we need more mods in the parkour category, so anything would suffice, not until you say that the WHOLE Idea is your concept.

Thats it, whatever we both might say, the mod is simple, and smart moving is its inspiration, aye.

скачать моды на майнкрафт 1 7 10 на паркур скачать

It is very tedious sometimes, especially when not done in person. It is much more difficult to say something in the written word than it is to simply show someone what you mean. All creations copyright of the creators. Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with майнррафт site.

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